soapmakingMy name is Merichel Diaz and I am the founder of Maya Mia, a handcrafted luxury soap business based in Montreal. I am convinced of the importance of using high quality natural ingredients as the best healthy method to take care of the skin, no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or silicones are added. The recipe is made with vegetables oils and butters that cleans gently and hydrates the skin. Only essential oils are used instead of synthetic perfumes, allowing you to have an aromatherapy experience and transform a traditional shower to a momentary escape every morning.

As a woman entrepreneur, I think it is essential to build a business that allows me to contribute in some way to the community. Following this principle with my Mexican origins, Maya Mia soaps are enriched with organic honey from the Mayan beekeepers in Mexico. This initiative is the perfect occasion to help the isolated Mayan communities through fair trade and it keeps me motivated to see the business grow.

I feel passionate creating a product that nourishes the skin, since I believe that our skin absorbs everything we give to it every day. Here is an opportunity to discover a unique handcrafted soap that allows you to have your skin healthy, nourished, soft and gives you the benefits of the aromatherapy.


Click to watch video with the Mayan beekeepers in Mexico